New Circuits

Call Us When You Need a Panel Upgrade in Mesa, AZ

We install circuits and breaker panels

Dent Electric LLC offers panel upgrade services in Mesa, AZ. We can also install a new electrical circuit if one of yours is damaged. If you need a new circuit to power your appliances, such as microwaves, car chargers, freezers or refrigerators, we'll hook it up to your panel properly. Make an appointment with an electrician today.

Why do you need new circuits?

All of the electrical features in your home are connected to multiple electrical circuits, which connect to your circuit breaker panel. All the receptacles in a single room may be part of one circuit, wired to a single breaker. If you live in an older home, your circuit breaker might be outdated. And if your home is powering a lot of features at once, your panel could be overloaded.

You could need a panel upgrade if:

  • Your outlets overheat frequently
  • Your breaker trips constantly
  • Your power goes out often for long periods of time

Sometimes, a simple repair will do the trick to resolve these issues. But they can also be signs of a damaged electrical panel, which is a bigger problem. Contact Dent Electric in Mesa, AZ now to get a quote on a new electrical circuit.